by Chantal Monté

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Sacred Erotica

We want to touch the most intimate parts of you
that only your lover knows about
to create pleasure
to unravel you

close your eyes
and listen with your whole body

and at the end of this journey
we want to leave you breathless
and asking for
more please...


released June 23, 2017

Lyrics + Vocals by Chantal Monté
Produced by Nuno Meneses



all rights reserved


Chantal Monté Honolulu, Hawaii

i'm like a cat with 9 lives. thrown around by love's attempt and still landing on my feet. i'm in love with love and pulled into the erotic by my hair.

join us while we swim amongst the stars. tumbling through the night sky. lost in a horizon of skin, bones and flesh.
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Track Name: Syrup
Liquify me

Just like SYRUP
Sticky. Sweet. Divine.

Tear apart my flesh
Make me bleed
With silence
And the sharpness
Of your tongue

Fire needs air to breathe
Track Name: Everything

And fall into me


And let me hold you

Come closer

closer than before

Feel into me

All the way down

And Surrender

Release and let go

Open and open and open

until you become everything
Track Name: Lost & Frozen
There is no time or place
Where you do not exist
There are no boundaries to this love
I have given my all
Without a second thought

You make love to all of me
Inside. Outside.
And then you walk away
Without a backwards glance
Only to leave me lost and frozen

You touch me softly without any regrets
You feel into me and find your way home

Will you make love with me tonight
Will you dream of me tomorrow

I beg to hear your moans
I want to scratch the surface
To sink my teeth into your flesh
To dig deep into your humanity
to ride your love
finding my way home

May the bridges you burn light the way home
Track Name: Dear Lover
Dear Lover
Whenever you come near me
I become breathless
And lose all thoughts
My mind can only dream of you
With x-ray vision and a shameless heart

I will desire you
until our worlds collide
Clash and bang
Where i can tear you apart
And put you back together again
Each night
With my love for you

As we chase each other
Across the night sky

Your darkness is my light
Your depth/intensity/strength/ocean/penetration is my salvation
And round and round we go
Across stars and oceans

Into infinite lifetimes where we meet
and over and over

Kiss me deeply
Until i have forgotten my name

And i am lost to time

What was lost is now found

I am waiting for you
then i can die
into you
my lover
Track Name: Immense Beauty
I sit here and discover the immense beauty

By simply waking up

to you

With you

And the sheer power of this moment

That breathes through me and into you
Track Name: On Fire
My lips are on fire
My heart is burning up
This heat sets me aflame

Let me wrap my legs around you
And pull you in close to me
Where we talk about love and eternity

Can you feel my heat and animal lust
Wanting to take over and succumb
Meet me here in this place
Where there are no walls
Only doorways to forever

In the erotic blue of night
I will forever make you want me
Down on your knees
You have no idea what you are in for
Or what you have come for

And your name will be lost to time
And in the ashes you will rise
To pleasure me

Let our deep and passionate kisses set the world on fire

Your mouth quenches every thirst
Your voice a dialect unto itself
Your body a temple to bow down to

It does not matter what is real
Or even desired
You have become my place of worship
I want to taste you. To lick and define you.

Time and space will bend and ripple
With our love

You are a part of me
And I am you

You have become my place of worship

I bow down before you, my love
Track Name: The World Stops
The world stops


I whisper your name

Give yourself to me

Tumbling through the night’s sky
Lost in a horizon of skin, bones and flesh
I pull you into me

Move with me
Into and through me

Surround me
Push against me
Where skin meets skin
Like you can’t get enough

As if you want more

More please

I want your wanting
Give me all your pleasure
Show me your deepest desire

The world stops
When you tell me you love me
Track Name: Drive Me
I ask you to be my lover
Will you breathe into me
Where we drown in each other
And meet in eternity

Drive me straight to your heart
Where freedom reigns

In between moments of time
Falling down into the pause
Releasing and letting go
Getting completely lost in you

Will you take me
Until there is nothing left to do
Will you allow me
To take you

Beyond infinity

Right here
Right now
It’s all we have

Drive me straight into your heart
Where freedom reigns


I ask you to be my lover
Let me count all the ways
You will take me
Into undefined moments

You move me in ways
I didn’t know existed
You take me to places
I have only dreamt about

Tell me you love me
And what you want to do to me

Heartbeat to heartbeat
And breath to breath
We are determined by time and space
And the gravity of it all

As you make wishes upon my skin
I surrender this love of mine
into all the ways i open to you

I’m ready to be taken now

I love you

Drive me
Drive me
Drive me
Drive me straight into your heart
Where freedom reigns

A little danger never hurt anyone
Track Name: The Visit
What if i asked you
To come to me
To visit me in the unknown hour
With no baggage
Only your bleeding heart

With nothing left to lose
and daggers pointed
Far away

drop everything

For you are the One
I have been waiting for

Lay down upon me
And tell me all your secrets and lies

Undress our love

Unrelenting in your wanting
you walk thru a thousand gateways

What will you sacrifice
For our love
You ask me

As the sky belongs to heaven
So does our love

I moan

i will love you no matter the consequences
and take all of you into me
let the heat of our desire
want what it wants
to be fulfilled over and over again
until there is nothing left

no me
no you

just the sheer ecstasy of love
knowing itself
fucking itself

surrendering to itself
letting it love what it loves
and want what it wants

Kiss me please
For we will never know
The unknowable

As nectar becomes a blazing fire
And fire melts back into nectar
Blood will spill
And your visit will last a lifetime
Track Name: Your Kingdom
there's something about you
when you come close
i erupt into flames
and turn to dust

there is no relief from you
the ecstasy and suffering are the same
there is no hiding or playing
with this love

it seeks me out at night
crawls into my bed
And makes me dream of you

I travel deep into your black heart
dangerous. provoking. severe.
the beauty of you is forever
ingrained in me

where you end
i begin

kiss me with forgotten tomorrows
Ride me until dawn breaks
Leave me quivering with
Sticky thighs and torn sheets

On all fours, I seek your kingdom

Crawling towards destiny
Saying prayers along the way
With devastation and the past
Behind me

What future will i find
once i have arrived
Will i get turned around
Upside down

Take me now as you always do
Penetrate me from the inside out
Leave me breathless
With no words

On a pilgrimage
To find my way
To your empire
And bathe in your salty tears

Kiss me with your mouth full of oceans

My body is arched over the sky
Wanting to feel your desire
On my skin again

On all fours, I seek your kingdom
Track Name: Radial Velocity
Radial velocity

The component of the motion of a star away from or toward the earth along its line of sight, expressed in miles per second and determined by the shift in the wavelength of light emitted by the star. You are that star.
Track Name: Erotic Meditation
What is it that you crave
And long for

Let me take you there

Beyond your wildest dreams

What is it you want
Because in the wanting there is truth

How does pleasure move through your body

As we move beyond thoughts
As we live without having to know
Always on the edge
Of pleasure and fear
In between the two is where freedom lies

Will you allow me to take you
Beyond infinity

Will you lay down your weapons
And mass destroy anything less than love

Will you open your heart
And let me in

These are the discoveries i ask of you

Breathe i ask you
Breathe into me